We develop different embedded modules for diverse applications.
From Standards on paper to physical communication device it is a challenge we have been through many times. we can share our experience.

We offer variety of software applications , with special expertise in situation awareness systems from simple Vehicle tracking app to Military Grade full situation awareness systems for C4I.

With booming demand for IoT, We offer different system components to speed up your time to market.
We develop custom motion control solution for DC motors, mechanical interfaces, and mechanisms.
Our experiences in laser technology have been developed over a number of years from lab to field in different applications such as Military Training and simulation
The synthetic Vision System application is a collection of technologies and skills; 3D graphical terrains, navigational sensor interface, Data visualization, and Synchronization.
Using industrial Camera with high speed interfaces such as GigE to process uncom-pressed video stream for quality inspection and control
Offering custom data processing and interfacing the solution to standard ITU networks, such as legacy PDH network, SDH, and SONET